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About the Brand
TennisHead Inc. is a company based in California that manufactures and distributes specialized tennis machines and related equipment sold around the world.
The WISE 2086 is a Racket String Tensioner that converts a manual stringing machine into a fully electronic tensioner. The current model has been on the market for 20 years with very few upgrades.

"There is no perfect racket without perfect tension."

Current model of WISE 2086

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Why Tennishead Inc.?
Manual stringing machines are relatively inexpensive but are inaccurate, slow, and inconsistent. Once a user masters the stringing techniques, they are ready to make the jump to an electronic one.
An Electronic Tension Head could be an affordable option for a bit over $600. However a full Electronic Tennis Stringing Machine like the Prince P7000 could cost around $4700.
Manual Stringing Machine
Manual Stringing Machine
Wise 2086 mounted, ready to string
Wise 2086 mounted, ready to string
Prince P7000
Prince P7000
The Problem
To keep up with the industry dynamics, it is necessary to redesign the existing model into a more adaptable product that allows for interchangeability, adapts to different machines and performs well on the various environments where it is normally used.
Based on support team research:
   - Easy to assemble
   - Add 360 rotation
   - Adaptable design
   - Intuitive interface
   - Linear pull design
   - Add knot function
   - Simple to calibrate
   - Badminton settings
   - Ideal for home users
   - For all racket frames
   - Height adjust-ability
   - Gripper adjustments
Target Market
   - Clubs
   - Stores
   - Players
   - Schools
   - Coaches
   - Universities
   - Tournaments
   - 120 countries
   - Pro-stringers
   - Tennis, Badminton, Squash
Design Solutions
   - Magnetic closing gripper switch
   - Gripper cover for string protection
   - Intuitive interface for easy operation
   - Mounting bracket quick release brake
   - Programmable to five unique user settings
   - Tension head height can be lowered to allow for racket 360 degree rotation
   - Color matching interchangeable covers to match host machine colors
   - Power switch location minimizes accidental ON/OFF
   - Left side display eliminates operator obstruction
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Detail Extraction
Product Installation
Manual Crank Stringer
Manual Crank Stringer
Manual Crank Stringer converted to electronic
Manual Crank Stringer converted to electronic
Finished Product

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