An easier way to crush a lemon.
The Citrus Burster allows you to press in the right direction to use your own weight to your advantage. The base makes it stable which will help to avoid spills. The wide convex surface of the handle makes it easy to press for most hands.
This is an exercise in which we had to research certain common environments such as a bathroom or a kitchen. Once we select an area, we study, observe, and interact with people that use the same or similar areas.
In this process, we intended to apply Universal Design or UD, to develop a product, system, or environment that can be useful to most individuals. UD is an approach to design focusing on increase of potential for developing a better quality of life for a wide range of individuals with a variety of capabilities.
This research started in my sister’s home kitchen then moved to two of my aunts, each one in their own kitchen, and finally in a commercial setting.
Target Audience
Weak grip
Repetitive use
People with Arthritis
People with small hands
I took different approaches to solve the task

Observations and Color Studies
Color Material Finishes
Finished Model
When you need some lemon juice, conventional lemon squeezers are a challenge for someone who has small hands, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, weak grip, or any other related problems.

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