A simple way to brew coffee to perfection.
Caldera is the center of a volcano, it is formed after its first eruption. it also represents the most basic form of coffee brewing in which a large container holds a mixture of water and coffee grounds. After it boils, let it rest for a few minutes then serve directly into the cup with a ladle.
The challenge was to design a product for one of 3 different brands. I chose the Melitta brand. I am familiar with the coffee bean harvesting and process. Brewing coffee is part of every day life for the workers involved in the coffee industry. When I was a kid, I often visited the coffee plantations by riding on the big trucks that transport the coffee beans to the processing plants. It is a complex process and many people are involved. This project took me back to the very core of the coffee trade era
Melitta is a private owned company based in Germany that was founded in 1908 with more than 1.5 billion dollars in revenue. Melitta focuses on being a leader in the coffee industry also have a passion for bringing the European cafe experience to American customers, regardless of their choice of brewing method.
Their Message
They have a regard for sustainability as both an expression value and as an opportunity to explore new market potential.
"We are a family company with family values.”
Research Materials, Features, and Colors:
Steampunk Fashion
Steampunk Fashion
Steampunk Copper Goggles and Hat
Steampunk Copper Goggles and Hat
Basic Brewing Methods
Four keywords for this design:
Target Audience
Coffee Aficionado
High-end consumers
Age range from 30-80
High income bracket
Modeling & Details
The first model had a coffee grinder on top. I found it too heavy and not large enough to fit the filter assembly.
Finished Model
Caldera’s design is oriented towards a small niche of upper middle class consumers who admire steam-punk or craftsmanship. A trend that is expected to grow slowly but steady. This is not an item excepted to reach commercial scale manufacturing, but could be used to develop a family of products to launch a marketing campaign aimed to attract a different kind of crowd.

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